Naughty Holiday 2015


Naughty Holiday Party Classes


A. Champagne & Candy Canes (90 min.) In-Home

Tuition:  *Weekdays (M-Th)-$25 per lady  *Weekends (F-Sun)-$35 per lady

Subjects:  Oral Love, XXX-mas Karma Sutra

*Includes Holiday Oral Kit

B. Harley-Day Party (2.5 Hrs.) In-Home

Tuition:  *Weekdays (M-Th)-$30 per lady  *Weekends (F-Sun)-$40 per lady

Subjects: My Sexy 2016, XXX-mas Karma Sutra, Champagne & Candy Canes Oral Love

*Includes Holiday Oral Kit, Harley’s Eggnog

*Minimum 10 ladies for above packages.  For smaller groups or one-on-one session, please email,

Things to remember when hosting a Party Class:

*Travel fees applicable based on location.  Accommodations will be added to packages, for destinations requiring an overnight stay.

*Please inform guest of any special attire and/or supplies needed for your event. (i.e. fitted top, leggings, fishnets,booty shorts, Stilettos)

*It is very important to ensure guest arrive on time (15 min grace). To avoid schedule conflicts.  (Fine of $25 will be added for every 15 minutes past the 15 minute grace period).
   To avoid scheduling conflicts.

*All balances are settled in private, at the beginning of your event.  Any miscellaneous charges ( extra guess, purchases, late fines) can be settled after your event.

*Comfy heels are required for this event unless it is noted by instructor or there is a medical condition.

*No watchers are allowed at events that require participation.  We all get our sexy on together:)

Payment/Refund Policy:

A 50% deposit is due at the time of booking and the balance for your event must be paid before the start of your party.  S.O.S. has a NO Refund policy.  You can receive credit for a cancellation and reschedule your party if you give a minimum of a 48 hour notice.  All monies are forfeit if cancellation occurs within 48 hours of booking date and remainder of balance is still due to SOS.  For events booked a week or less in advance will require a FULL payment to book. 

Late Fine: It is important that your event starts on time.  There will be a 15 minute grace period.  A charge of $25 will be added to your balance for every 15 minutes your party does not start on time.  Acceptable forms of payments: Credit Card/Debit Card, Cash, and Money Order.

For more info contact us at 404-941-4324 or email: